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The director had supposedly spent many years researching everything,but the end product did not really show that.The story manages to move us through all sorts of different landscapes and scenarios, giving us an unforgettable glimpse of a world unknown to most of us.Movie audience seemed similar to Audiences like in an India vs Pak cricket match.The Poker House In her directorial. More Reviews Film Review:. The movie yearns for the lost naivete that allowed the girls to see past their circumstances,.

Even the war scenes were terribly executed, using the same hill in all their battle scenes, and spending unnecessary time on casual talk.Review: Good potential but horrible execution - LOC could have been a very well made movie on how the Kargil war was fought; it had the locations, the budget.There were about 10 men or more who would have a flashback so this took up tons of time.A lot of soldiers died in the Kargil war and this movie makes an effort to show their sacrifice before we forget it.There are only life-sized, vulnerable men, being forced to be either victims or heroes or both. L.O.C. works primarily because it shows the world the harsh reality without pulling any punches.

To know more about the story, I would suggest readers to read the news-items pertaining to Kargil.Besides, he has been able to extract exemplary performances from the complete cast.Firstly the movie was repetitive seeing the same sequence with different actors and actresses was tiresome.But he seems most comfortable attempting a war film. L.O.C. more than proves it.Warning: You may fall asleep during some of the long drawn songs.That was the basic movie, and that same order of events happened about 4 or 5 times. and every time it did a flashback to the wives, it would show the man, then his wife and him.What intrigues you is the way the Jawans fought the war, so that the nation could eat, live and sleep in peace.

Find a complete guide to TV and movie titles heading to Blu-ray and DVD.In the ending scenes, Colonel Y.K. Joshi (Sanjay Dutt) asks his subordinates to respect the dead bodies of the Pak soldiers.Check out Matt Donato's review of Poker Night, a criminal thriller from writer/director Greg Francis.Instead of sustaining a significant cultural story, at almost two hours, All In feels like an energetic but overlong highlight reel.The Jawans who freed India from the enemies were a bunch of ordinary mortals, who have been immortalized by J.P. Dutta in this flick.Yet, Kareena Kapoor stands out of the crowd, followed by Esha Deol.In the years since Rounders was released to mixed reviews and a Luke warm box office, Poker has really taken off to become a. or that it's the best Poker movie.Jessica Chastain is 'ferocious' in 'Molly's Game' — read Us Weekly's movie review!. I don’t know the first thing about poker.

One of the things I was very disappointed with was that Saif, Ajay and Abhishek had so much screen time compared to others.This film should have been a tribute to all those heroic soldiers who sacrificed their lives defending the Indian border.A great effort indeed which entitles him for a big hand by the audience.Anyways, I think I have bashed the film enough that you get the picture.

Watch it if you can absorb dancing-in-the-fields amidst war scenes ripped from The Thin Red Line and Saving Private Ryan.There are times you wondering, you have thousands of army vehical filled with soldiers moving and the pakistanis are bombing at them and none of their bomb hits them.

Rounders is undoubtedly the most popular poker film of all times, one that probably every Texas Hold’em player knows about. This is the movie that made people start.

Molly's Game, Aaron Sorkin’s poker drama, overplays its

So lengthy movie. 2. Lengthy and boring songs. 3. Bad dialogue delivery. 4. So many characters, you will have problems in memorizing their names and the their battalion names. 5. Humiliating drama(total unwanted). 6. So many dialogues. 7. Worst action.I am terribly disappointed from the man who gave well done sequences in Border.This movie is an unmitigated disaster even though the Producers intentions were laudable and Patriotic.Movies | Movie Review A Documentary in Which All Bets Are Good Ones ‘All In: The Poker Movie,’ by Douglas Tirola. “All In: The Poker Movie.If your review contains spoilers, please check the Spoiler box.The songs too, are pretty intense and have been extremely well written and composed.It has power-packed direction and power-packed sequences that remain etched in your memory even after the show has concluded.

All things said and done, irrespective of its commercial outcome, J.P. Dutta has made an honest and highly impressive movie.This movie could have been short if they took out songs, flashbacks, stick to the point.In Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut, Jessica Chastain plays a gambling entrepreneur running a high-stakes poker game. Movies Review: The Big and.Dutta himself committed two major mistakes which he should have avoided.Review: Very Good - I gave this one a 6/10 because of the twists involved. It was a very enjoyable movie, moved along very well, the actors were very.

Forget Rounders—here’s a poker movie to go all-in on. By: Tomris Laffly. Posted: Wednesday December 20 2017. Write review. Most helpful.But there was a much better movie (not saying much) called Border.“Molly’s Game,” the new high-stakes poker movie, is a pretty safe bet. The crime drama is smartly written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, it features a.The filmmaker has tried his best to lend auntheticity by using the real terrain but after an hour of the movie it is like Dejavue.But since they are also used on the battlefield under pressure, it does not seem as wanton as in other movies.

Poker movies are few and far between. The usual focus when it comes to celluloid fame is on blackjack or baccarat, a simpler and more random game that lends itself.

'Molly's Game' Film Review: Jessica Chastain's Poker Face

They moved their hands and heads at the exact same time and then bit their dupatta together.Even though the action sequences are so flawed, the actors give it all their energy and the unbelievable sacrifices that the soldiers made were no doubt the driving force behind.The songs are quite long because the director had to accommodate the scenes of several actors while the song was continuing, but they are highly patriotic as well as touching.

Molly’s Game Review - The True Story of the Poker Princess

LOC tries to tell the story of the soldiers and their families.

He has been meticulous and paid attention to the smallest of details from the uniform of the various regiments down to their particular slogans, and for this reason this makes it the BEST war film produced by Bollywood.The Site for Home Theater and Movie Reviews. Site Search: Movies: Reviews. Published:. Abe & Phil’s Last Poker Game Movie Review; Big News. Newsletter.So you have Captain Anuj Nayyar, Captain Vikram Batra, Lieutenant Manoj Pandey, Lieutenant Colonel Y K Joshi and many of the other brave men who authored the script that made India the winner in the Kargil war.Also, the few songs that were in the movie were quite enjoyable - for the first half a dozen or so verses at least.The Tomatometer rating – based on the published opinions of hundreds of film and television critics – is a trusted measurement of movie and TV programming quality.