Pokerus Action replay codes for soul silver pokerus. loc:in.Pokerus. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokerus is basically a virus which allows you to earn EVs twice as fast as normal. Its effect is exactly like a Macho Brace or a Power Item except that you do not have to hold it and there are no penalties. This virus can be caught while battling a wild Pokemon, but it is highly rare.

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Kariba Town serves as a. If the player is successful then they will have obtained a Corsola at level 15 with Pokerus that can be spread to the rest of.Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

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When infected with Pokerus, there will be a purple "PKRS" sign in the status screen of the Pokemon. Pokerus will stay until the game's clock reaches midnight. Once the game hits midnight the Pokemon will be cleared of Pokerus and will no longer be able to infect others with it but it will still gain double the amount of EVs.Pokemon X & Y: Shiny Yveltal, Shiny Xerneas, and Shiny Zygarde - Published: 3 years ago By: MasterJ360.

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/ Route 38 Pokemon First: Last: Flaffy +2 Ampharos+3 Psyduck +1 Golduck+2 w/Pokerus+Power Lens = 22-26/battle Sp.Def: Trainer:Biker Aiden Time & Loc: Mon.4am-10am.

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If your pokemon has pokerus and it's in your party it will spread to your other pokemon. But these effects are temporary unless you put the infected pokemon in your PC.

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